The Local Area Network of Royal Institute of Technology

KTHLAN is the common computer network for all the schools, departments and institutes belonging to KTH. There are about 40 departments with over 14 000 computers connected. Around 900 switches and 10 bigger routers serve the network. The net uses fiber to connect the main campus in Stockholm city and the sattelite schools in Kista, Haninge, Södertälje and Flemingsberg. We also have fiber to all the main buildings on the central campus up to the corridor level. The network is connected via two 10 Gbit/s connections to SUNET and NORDUNET via NUNOC.

The main network technology used is Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. The backbone is made up of a Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbit/s) between the main routers. Every department normally has two connections to the central (Cisco) routers ensuring redundancy and reasonable privacy within each department.

Only the backbone net is completely maintained by the KTHLAN staff. It is the responsibility of each department to install and maintain their own local department network, but a central watch is kept on all local switches so that errors etc can be found by the central group. To ensure compatibility, all installations and planning should be coordinated with the KTHLAN staff. Only recommended network equipment (switches) should be connected to the network. (currently Cisco and HP, e.g. Cisco Catalyst-2960 and HP Procurve-2530).

NOTE: Planned network reconfiguration causing disturbances is normally carried out on Thursday evening from 19.00 and on. (see changelog)

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