How to configure a device to use eduroam

Note: DO NOT USE below info for KTH Windows (WIKS) or KTH Mac (MIKS) platform. eduroam should be automatically installed/updated on those platforms.

eduroam stands for education roaming and is an international cooperation between universities. It provides researchers, teachers and students easy and secure network access at the home university and when visiting an institution other than their own - with no changes to the computers configuration. You can read more about eduroam here.

To use it at KTH - you need to do two steps:

1) You will need a special network secret to login to KTH's wireless network. You cannot use the password you have for your ordinary KTH.SE login.

Get your eduroam network secret at:

2) Use eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) for configuration or reconfiguration of eduroam. The tool installs the CA Root certificate and (re)configures the wireless settings for eduroam. After configuration you will be asked for your KTH username (which must include "", i.e and network secret.

• When you enter your username and network secret be sure not to add any leading or trailing whitespace. Your login to eduroam will fail otherwise.

The CAT tool is available for Windows, MacOS X, Linux, iOS devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad) and Android (4.3 and above)

Go to the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT).

The right installer shows up, click on it and follow the instructions. For more information, click on the blue i- button.


If you are interested in security or need to manually install eduroam - here are some information about CERTIFICATES

Manual Instructions if the configurator is not available for your device:

Other Linuxes like Arch etc

Older versions of Phones and mobile devices (Android etc)

Contact for questions:

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