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Short info on cisco IP-telephony at KTH
updated 2005-08-23


Currently we are running two ip-telephony systems at KTH on a test basis. This document briefly describes the Cisco Call Manager based system with around 200 telephones connected . This system is attached to our Ericsson MD110 telephone exchange for further communication with the outside world. We also run an experimental SIP-exchange, see

Basic functions

Additional functions for IP-telephony

- Three-person-conference. Press softkey [More] then softkey [Confrn], dial a number, press [Confrn] again.

- Missed calls, you can see your a log of all your calls on this web-page:  you have to log in with your KTH-username.  (KTH-ID). There is also a missed calls, received calls and placed calls in DIRECTORIES button on 7940/60-phones.

HVD referral function web-page (swedish "hänvisningsdator")

Everyone having an IP-telephone is recommended to have an account at the HVD-system in order to inform the system of vacation, meetings etc.  This is reached via via dialling to extension 7000, the pin-code is initially the same as your extension number. You will also get a message box that people can leave voice messages in.
When you get a new voice message a mail is sent to your kth mail-address. Teleservice at 6800 can give you a username and password service for the web-client.

Limitations in this system

Current problems:

Other limitations

Future functions

Links to manuals

We have two main types of phones 7940/7960 and 7905. The 7905 is much simpler and not as good quality as 7940 and 60.